Typical signs of impending project disaster in the area of project management and team

At the beginning of the project:

  • The project has more than one project manager and no clear division of responsibilities or final call on contented issues
  • The project manager was chosen as part of a promotion rather than for project management skills or experience
  • The project manager was chosen based on domain expertise over project management expertise
  • A functional manager or team leader is doing double duty as project manager
  • There is a lack of project management skills in the team
  • There is a lack of required technical skills in the team
  • No team member has previous long-term project experience

During the project:

  • HR arguments are unwelcome when discussing project health
  • Too many new people work on the project at the same time
  • Everyone is putting in overtime – all the time
  • Abusive language is used regularly in meetings and in public
  • There is a drastic increase in sick leave across the team
  • Management, other departments or individuals are openly blamed for project problems
  • People leave the company in bundles

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