Typical signs of impending project disaster in the area of delivery and closure


  • There is no launch plan
  • Everything is planned for the same day
  • High-intensity scenarios at launch are ignored
  • No handover plan exists for transferring the product to operations
  • Operations are involved very late in the project plan – if at all
  • The project plan allows no room for post-launch problem handling and correction
  • Maintenance cost is ignored during product development
  • There is a clear mismatch between company marketing messages and the outcoming product reality
  • Documentation of the product is not being created

After the project

  • No plan for project closure or product lifecycle exists
  • There is no project evaluation plan
  • There is an unclear mandate for who can finish the project
  • All benefits from the project are planned to be collected immediately – even before delivery
  • The is no clear picture of what the future situation looks like after the project

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