Typical signs of impending project disaster in the area of company and project culture

  • Management and employees live in different realities
  • The company culture is generally unhelpful and overly competitive
  • The project environment is stressful as a rule
  • Many employees have special individual working terms
  • The project is encountering intense organizational resistance
  • Clarity is unwelcome – conflicts and problems are covered up with unclear language
  • Ivory Tower Syndrome – obvious sources of knowledge are avoided
  • No-one can draw an unambiguous organization chart of the company or even the project organization
  • There is frequent reshuffling of management relevant to the project
  • The organization is plagued by territorial conflicts
  • All major decisions must be made by consensus
  • Bad news are kept away from managers because due to fear of forceful reactions
  • Massive lack of communication across the project organization
  • Planning is ignored or disregarded
  • Plans are not updated to reflect changes in reality, sticking to old, now unrealistic deadlines and milestones
  • Method buzzwording – words like “agile”, “business case”, “proof of concept” are used without actual knowledge of the concepts and their practical application

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