When you decide to use red Teaming to review your plans and improve your chance of success, there are a number of different ways to do, depending on your requirements. Antagoniq has developed three ways to offer Red Team services, based on good practices in the Red Teaming and Risk Management industries:

Full Red Team analysis – when you need to turn every stone

APPROACHA multi-session analysis of a considerable problem complex, such as a new corporate strategy or a major program of projects. As close to the entire set of analysis techniques as makes sense from the Red Teaming discipline is employed along with detailed reporting and an online living document. This will enable follow-up and comprehensive insourcing of the knowledge generated in the process.

This always involves the participation of managers or experts from your own organization and members of the Antagoniq Red Team Network.

One-day custom workshop – fast results, adapted to your needs

We get a general grip of your assignment and combine the most suitable tools and techniques from the Red Teaming toolbox to use during a full day workshop in order to create the most knowledge and recommendations for you. After the workshop, we build a comprehensive analysis and recommendations report and present it to your management.

This will typically involve some preparation and participation of expert resources or managers from your own organization and often involves members of the Antagoniq Red Team Network.

Superfast ad-hoc – when you really are in a hurry

For clients on retainer agreements who need to generate more knowledge about a specific problem, we offer short response times (same day) for a number of lean analysis techniques, such as What-if analysis, Dependency Analysis, PACE planning, Planning Backwards, Forced Issue Ranking, Agile Risk Analysis or similar. This will typically involve expert resources or managers from your own organization, facilitated by the Antagoniq crew.

The ad-hoc analysis is done to quickly enable you to identify decision options that can avert impending disaster and can be done via remote conferencing if need be.

If you are already in the thick of a happening crisis, Antagoniq offers project crisis management, but Red Teaming is not the recommended solution